I Hate Ryan Seacrest

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Is "I hate Ryan Seacrest" something you find yourself saying several times a day? Do you wake up in the morning, and remark, "I hate Ryan Seacrest," before even going to the bathroom? Do you not wake up in the morning because your smoldering hatred for Ryan Seacrest has kept you up all night? If you know who Ryan Seacrest is, the odds are that you answered 'yes' to at least one of these questions. You are not alone. Join with us as we discuss how much we hate Ryan Seacrest, and explain the many reasons why. Or explain how no explanation is needed as to why one would hate Ryan Seacrest so much. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Ryan  topic
sister tribe  topic
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Disembowel the heathen!!  topic
Ruined Days  topic
(image posted 04/20)  photo flag

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